About ATOL Construction

Our Core Values

As our company focus is to consistently deliver excellence through the protection of both people and property, we focus on:

  • Excellence throughout the whole project lifecycle
  • Excellence from the early planning stage through to completion and hand over
  • Excellence in the fire protection services we provide to our clients protecting assets and human lives

Our vision and commitment is to provide consistency and quality in the delivery of passive fire protection services. Our client focussed processes are designed to manage and enhance fire stopping integrity to protect both property and people.

Preventing the spread of fire has always been important, but with increasingly complex buildings you need increasingly sophisticated fire stopping solutions. We take great care and pride in building strong relationships; not only with our clients, but with our subcontractors, suppliers and the local community to ensure all fire stopping works are carried out in a professional and correct manner, with all works fully third party certified.


Our goal is simply to be the best choice for 3rd party accredited services and to continually improve

Customer Service 

To ensure the customer is at the forefront of all that we do we do and continually strive for improvement of customer service through service delivery and the implementation of leading customer management technology


We continually strive to raise the awareness and standards of Passive Fire Protection in the industry


It’s what our customers expect from us and what our team expect from their leadership


 We are strong believers in the value of education for all who are involved in the construction and management of multiple occupancy buildings


 The implementation of our Safety Policy requires the total commitment from all levels.