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Aithon A90H Concrete fire protection

ATOL is the leading approved contractor in the UK for Aithon A90H concrete fire protection coating.

Aithon A90H Intumescent coating is an Italian manufactured fire protection product that is unrivalled in its protection.

AITHON A90H creates a hard, reflective char with high insulation properties which shows excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate even after 4 hours of fire exposure above 1150°C, despite the slab deflection (289 mm after 240 minutes, with 4250 mm spam between slab supports), clay pot protection.

Aithon A90H Benefits:

  • Up to R/REI 240 on slabs and load-bearing walls providing incredible fire-resistant upgrades to structures and surfaces.
  • The coating has been tested to reduce carbonation by up to 78%.
  • The coating can be used as a thermal barrier to reduce the possibility of spalling in a fire situation.
  • The coating provides a durable finish that withstands services installation. If damage does occur it is easily repaired, unlike boarding or cementitious systems.
  • With a maximum loading of 1kg per m2 and a maximum thickness of 1.05mm it has a clear advantage over traditional systems when additional load or space is a primary concern.
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray equipment.
  • Speed of application means costs are low with considerably less waste and clean up.
  • Waterborne with a low VOC.
  • Suitable for damp environments and temperature below 0°C with no need to apply a top-coating.
  • Decorative appearance provides architects with more freedom to show off the industrial aspects of a building.
  • Compatible with a wide range of colour finishes.
Concrete Fire Protection
BS EN 13381-3 and BS EN 13501-2

Up to 240 minutes fire resistance

The BS EN 13381-3 regards the fire resistance of concrete structures and the performance of the intumescent coatings applied on concrete are expressed in terms of equivalent concrete thickness.

The method defines the quantities (in gr/m2 ) of intumescent coating required to achieve the same insulation performance provided by different thicknesses of concrete.

The calculation of the equivalent concrete thickness required for slabs and walls exposed to fire on one side is based on fire test results achieved on loaded slabs having minimum (500 gr/m2 ) and maximum (2035 gr/m2 ) applied quantity of intumescent coating. Linear interpolation between minimum and maximum is allowed.

Aithon A90H Concrete Fireproofing

Fire protection and decoration

AITHON A90H has a smooth, matt-white finish and does not need a top coating if that’s the look you require, even at higher humidity, low-temperature environment (classified Y according to ETAG 18-2).

But if further decoration is required on your project, AITHON A90H has a suitable range of topcoats providing satin or matt finishes in the full RAL colour range.

Hilton Minories Hotel Fire Protection
Aithon A90H

30 Years Of Development

Aithon has over 30 years of experience in research and development of intumescent coatings.

Using the highest quality raw materials, it means you get a long-life guarantee and the highest level of integrity.

Passive Fire Protection

Environmentally Friendly

Waterborne, halogen-free, low VOC content, Aithon A90H protects concrete as well as the environment.

Thanks to its very low emissions to the environment, A90H is approved for the fire protection in clean rooms (Outgassing tests at 40°C: 2,6 μg/g).

This makes it the perfect choice for every type of construction project or building which has occupants such as hospitals, offices, schools and residential.

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