Aithon A90H Procedures

Aithon A90H Application and Testing

Aithon A90H

The processes for the application of Aithon A90H coating have to be approached professionally as of all fire protection.

We first have to get all information of the building that requires the application and instructed fire engineers to evaluate the information before an in-depth onsite inspection to be completed.

The preparation of the surfaces is as important as the application Aithion A90H, this has to be completed to a high standard and recorded before any application.

All loose areas require to be removed and areas require to be checked for moisture content and damage.

Concrete Fire Protection

Application of Aithon A90H

Once the visual inspection has been completed further investigation is required, core samples, and rib bar testing is required to all substrates.

The next stages are to establish the correct loadings from the manufacture and fire protection required for the building then the application of the Aithon A90H can proceed.

A full record of the application is recorded daily temperature checks and film thickness, the application is fully recorded.


Intumescent Coating


When the application of the Aithon A90H is being undertaken images and video are being recorded and sumbmittied to our third-party fire engineers.

Daly records are taken and stored on our construction management system that can be accessed by our clients and third-party fire engineers, giving full confidence and transparency throughout the project.

Full documentation submitted throughout the processes and project.

On completion, all documentation and handover completed and a structural Report to (BS EN 1992-1-2) confirming the fire resistance.

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