Cavity Barriers and Fire Stops

Cavity Barriers and Fire Stops for Masonry External Walls

ATOL provides a simple and easy-to-install method of sealing external wall cavities for masonry constructions.

These systems include options of materials that are cost-effective to suit the specific performance criteria for all fire-stopping requirements.

Offering excellent sound reduction qualities which can be used to combat unwanted noise.

An ideal combination of fully-qualified performance, practical installation, and cost-effectiveness.

Typically the solutions we use can offer:

  • Fire resistance: up to 2 hours
  • Sound reduction: up to 25dB (Rw)
  • Integral smoke barrier
  • Resilient to accommodate site tolerances without cutting
  • Certifire 3rd Party Approval
Allows continuity of cavity compartmentation

Balcony Brackets

This solution allows continuity of cavity compartmentation when abutted on either side with cavity barriers.

Products used are tested to EN 1363-1:2012 (WF 409690) and achieved over 2hrs fire performance – 120 minutes Integrity / 120 Insulation (EI 120).

Please contact Technical Services regarding your specific detail.

Provide a seal between the top structures

Firestops for Tops of Walls

Firestops for tops of walls provide a seal between the top of the compartment wall, partition, or fire-resistant suspended ceiling, and the structural soffit.

The choice of insulation material is determined by the performance requirement in terms of fire resistance (i.e. insulation and integrity) and size of the cavity.

  • Up to 120 minutes fire resistance
  • Fully qualified acoustic performance
  • Integral smoke barrier
  • Can accommodate structural service movement (during normal service life and fire)
  • Cost-effective and durable
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