Concrete Fire Protection Overview

Concrete Fire Protection

Concrete is the backbone of the construction industry. Keep it protected.

Using concrete in buildings and structures offers exceptional levels of
protection and safety in fire:

  • Concrete does not burn and does not add to the fire load
  • Concrete has a high resistance to fire and stops fire spreading
  • Concrete is an effective fire shield, providing safe means of escape for occupants and protection for firefighters
  • Concrete does not produce any smoke or toxic gases, so helps reduce the risk to occupants
  • Concrete does not drip molten particles, which can spread the fire
  • Concrete restricts a fire, and so reduces the risk of environmental pollution
  • Concrete provides built-in fire protection – there is normally no need for additional measures
  • Concrete can resist extreme fire conditions, making it ideal for storage premises with a high fire load
  • Concrete’s robustness in fire facilitates firefighting and reduces the risk of structural collapse
  • Concrete is easy to repair after a fire, and so helps businesses recover sooner
  • Concrete is not affected by the water used to quench a fire
  • Concrete pavements stand up to the extreme fire conditions encountered in tunnels.

It’s a simple choice to make – one that has far-reaching effects

Concrete fire contractor

Why you need to reinforce concrete against fire hazards

Concrete buildings and structures are capable of protecting both people and property against the hazards of fires, but understandably the safety of people often assumes the greater importance both as the design stage and in emergency situations.

However fire safety for reasons of economic survival, environmental protection and upkeep of critical infrastructure are also of concern to:

  • Private owners
  • Insurance companies
  • National authorities

These factors are taken into account in European legislation on fire safety, with one of the three protective aims based specifically on the protection of property, neighbouring properties and preservation of the building itself.

Commercial Passive Fire Protection London
Concrete firestopping

Keep concrete at it's strongest

Concrete, combined with a firestopping system is and always will be excellent in offering fire-resistant properties delivering protection of life, possessions and the environment in the case of fire.

It responds effectively to all of the protective aims set out in European legislation, benefiting everyone from building users, owners, business people and residents to insurers, regulators and firefighters.

Whether it is used for residential buildings, industrial warehouses or tunnels, concrete can be designed and specified to remain robust in even the most extreme fire situations.

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Concrete Fire Protection London
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