Concrete Fire protection

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ATOL Concrete fire protection

ATOL is the leading approved contractor in the UK for concrete fire protection coatings.

Using Intumescent coatings  Hensel 820k fire protection product that is unrivalled in its protection.

Thin-film water-based fire protection coating for interior concrete. It improves the fire-resistance time of pre-stressed concrete hollow ceilings up to 120 minutes, reinforced concrete beams and supports up to 150 minutes, and concrete flat slab ceilings and reinforced concrete ribbed slab ceilings up to 240 minutes.

Hensel Benefits:

• Tested in compliance with the European standard EN 13381-3:2015, analogous to prEN 13381-3:2012

• Building material approval no. Z-19.11-1715 / external and in-house monitoring

• Indoor and outdoor applications

• Easy to process, low film thicknesses, no loads on surrounding structure, maintenance free

• BETON-CARBONSPERRE prevents contaminant and water penetration

• Fulfils the requirements under DIBt (October 2010) and AgBB (June 2012)


• Exova Warringtonfire WF report no. 339818

• Summary ref no. CT/339818 of 10 June 2015

• LEED confirmation

  • Building material approval no. Z-19.11-1715

Application areas

• Indoor and outdoor applications

• The fire resistance duration of concrete beams and columns can

be improved by up to 240 minutes.

Ribbed ceiling upgrades with an assessment report.

Concrete Fire Protection
BS EN 13381-3 and BS EN 13501-2

Up to 240 minutes fire resistance

The BS EN 13381-3 regards the fire resistance of concrete structures and the performance of the intumescent coatings applied on concrete are expressed in terms of equivalent concrete thickness.

The method defines the quantities (in gr/m2 ) of intumescent coating required to achieve the same insulation performance provided by different thicknesses of concrete.

The calculation of the equivalent concrete thickness required for slabs and walls exposed to fire on one side is based on fire test results achieved on loaded slabs having minimum (500 gr/m2 ) and maximum (2035 gr/m2 ) applied quantity of intumescent coating. Linear interpolation between minimum and maximum is allowed.

Concrete Fireproofing

Fire protection and decoration

Hensel 820k has a smooth, matt-white finish and does not need a top coating if that’s the look you require.

But if further decoration is required on your project,  we have has a suitable range of topcoats providing satin or matt finishes in the full RAL colour range.

Hilton Minories Hotel Fire Protection
Concrete Fire Protection

30 Years of Experience

The ATOL team boasts over 30 years of expertise in the research and development of intumescent coatings. Over these decades, we have specialized in protecting a wide range of substrates, including concrete, ensuring their safety and durability.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to refine our products continually, utilizing the highest quality raw materials available. This dedication to quality ensures that our coatings provide a long-life guarantee and maintain the highest level of structural integrity. With ATOL, you can trust that our products deliver superior protection and reliability, backed by decades of industry-leading research and development.

Passive Fire Protection

Environmentally Friendly

Product characteristics

  • Contains no halogens, APEO, borates or plasticisers
  • Low VOC < 6g/l, A+ VOC emission class, LEED confirmation, AgBB tested
  • Very well suited for Minergie-(A-/P-)Eco / Correspond to priority 1 of Eco-BKP
  • Imposes hardly any structural loading, space saving -> no loss of headroom, maintenance-free
  • Colour: white, approx RAL 9010
  • Warringtonfire EWCL Certificate No. ME 5119
  • European Patent No. EP 2686391 B1 / contracting states: AT, DE, DK, ES, HU, LI, NL, PL, SE

This makes it the perfect choice for every type of construction project or building which has occupants such as hospitals, offices, schools and residential.

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