Fire Barriers and Fire Curtains

Fire Barriers and Fire Curtains

Fire curtain solutions for compartmentation between walls and voids

Our fire barriers and fire curtains solutions for compartmentation in voids prevent the spread of fire and smoke for the private and commercial construction projects.

We offer many services within the fire curtain sector providing confidence for new and existing buildings offering a complete service form inspection to application and certification.

  • Fire Curtains
  • Fire Barriers
  • Survey and provide reports with recommended actions
  • Prepare specifications for installation
  • Provide ongoing maintenance programmes
  • Fire boarding

Fire barrier systems are essential to prevent the rapid spread of fire in concealed spaces within a building. The ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier and Fire Barrier Slab have been specially developed to offer easy to install solutions which effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke within unseen roof and ceiling voids.

Fire Compartmentation

ATOL Fire provides a comprehensive range of compartmentation works to protect people and buildings in the event of a fire. Moreover, all of our work is backed up by intense audits to ensure the quality and standard of work.

The aim of Compartmentation is to limit the rapid spread of fire. By dividing building premises into “fire compartments”, fire is contained by forming a barrier against smoke, heat and toxic gases.

Fire Compartmentation is designed to contain the fire in the area of origin, providing protection for the building and for its occupants.

Fire Compartmentation is the most effective mean of limiting fire damage before the fire brigade arrives. The benefits of compartmentation are: limiting fire damage, allowing further fire prevention systems to be installed, increased fire protection for a limited period of time.

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