Fire Resistant Wall Covering

Fyrexx System

Perfect for areas of high traffic, Fyrexx protects and reduces maintenance cycles and ongoing maintenance costs

The Fire Resistant Wall Covering System.

Ideal for areas of high traffic areas, Fyrexx will reduce maintenance cycles and with its ongoing maintenance costs.

Glass fabrics have a very high tensile strength and provide high impact resistance.

Problem solver – glass fabric will offer solutions and overcome problematic issues that other wall coverings are not able to achieve. Reinforcing and bridging of cracks, prevent new cracks appearing and can bridge existing cracks. Being fire-rated/retardant Fyrexx conforms to the highest fire safety ratings available.

Fyrexx passive fire protection uses fire-resistant products to slow or contain the spread of fire.

Our comprehensive range of specialist services includes engineering, supply, testing, commissioning and maintenance of passive fire protection systems as accredited installers.

Our goal is to provide our clients with access to the very latest fire protection technology and highest quality standards whilst ensuring cost and time efficiency across all our operating procedures.


Antibacterial and Anti Grafitti Solutions

Our Anti-Graffiti Paint is a high performance, hard-wearing, waterborne coatings, ideal for surfaces subject to high traffic and frequent cleaning. Lasts longer and cleans easier.

The antibacterial range is very well suited to school corridors, factories, offices and public areas, as well as domestic applications in kitchens, bathrooms, halls, stairs and landings.

Our Premium coating which is a high performance, anti-microbial paint containing a silver-ion anti-microbial additive reducing bacterial colonies by 99.99%, including Salmonella, MRSA & E.Coli for up to 10 years.

All testing has been certificated to European standard EN13823 exceeding BS476 Pt. 6+

fyrexx fire resistant wall covering
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