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Why is passive fire protection important in listed buildings?

The most important reason is to ensure that, in the event of a fire, people can escape from the building to avoid being injured or even killed.

Secondly, to help save the building and the assets within it our listed properties.

There is no hazard that can threaten your historic building that is as totally and rapidly destructive as a fire. In addition to the serious risk to life, fire is capable of fully consuming and destroying a building, its contents, and therefore its historic fabric, in a matter of hours. Even areas not engulfed by the flames are seriously damaged by smoke or the huge volumes of water used in the fire fighting operation.

If a fire breaks out at a listed building, for example, you want that fire to stay contained within that room to allow the people in the building to be evacuated and allow emergency services such as the fire brigade to get to the building and put the fire out quickly.

ATOL is proud to be working with the National Trust and English Heritage for many years helping protect our beautiful heritage.

Without effective passive fire containment systems, the fire can spread very quickly from room to room resulting in the potential loss of life and assets.


ATOL Fire provides a comprehensive range of compartmentation works to protect staff, pupils and buildings in the event of a fire. Moreover, all of our work is backed up by intense audits to ensure the quality and standard of work.

The aim of Compartmentation is to limit the rapid spread of fire. By dividing building premises into “fire compartments”, fire is contained by forming a barrier against smoke, heat and toxic gases. Fire Compartmentation is designed to contain the fire in the area of origin, providing protection for the building and for its occupants. Fire Compartmentation is the most effective mean of limiting fire damage before the fire brigade arrives. The benefits of compartmentation are: limiting fire damage, allowing further fire prevention systems to be installed, increased fire protection for a limited period of time.

You have the assurance, with ATOL, that all work will be carried out to the appropriate methods and standards. We will ensure that the building has an adequate compartmentation system, by completing a survey prior to performing any type of work. We will then perform any required additional works such as cavity barriers fitting, repair or supply and installation of fire-rated door sets, as well as fire-rated ceilings and walls so that the compartmentation system meets the legislative standards.
Our unrivalled knowledge means that we have the privilege of working with local and national organisations across the UK as we take a collaborative approach in everything we do to provide fully 3rd party accredited passive fire protection solutions on price and on time.

Why it’s important

Historic buildings were built in a different era under different rules and without any regard to fire standards. The materials they are made from are readily combustible, often incorporating features which can assist the rapid development and hidden spread of fire. They are used and occupied in ways very different from their original purpose and design, with modern installations and equipment fitted in many of them. Without the right level of protection, this leaves the buildings and their visitors vulnerable to fire.

The current fire safety legislation in England & Wales (The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – and similar legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland) is designed to safeguard life and makes no provision for building protection. In modern buildings, this is acceptable as it can be rebuilt but it is different from Heritage buildings – once the historic fabric has been destroyed, it is gone forever – History turned to Ashes.

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