Upgrading Concrete for Fire Protection Procedures

Application and Processes

Processes for Upgrading concrete for Fire

The process of applying intumescent coating to upgrade concrete substrates, whether ribbed, clay pot, or standard flat slab, requires a professional approach due to the critical nature of fire protection.

Firstly, we deploy our in-house fire engineers to the site to conduct a thorough survey of the rebar and slab thicknesses, if this has not already been completed. Once these details are confirmed, we can proceed with planning onsite meetings and providing an overview of the application process.

Before application, all surfaces are repaired as necessary, and any excess material is removed to ensure a clean and prepared surface. The application of the intumescent coating then begins, followed by a top coat for added protection. Additionally, ATOL offers comprehensive compartmentation fire stopping services if required.

All work is meticulously recorded on our digital system, capturing photos and videos to ensure complete transparency of progress. Clients are granted full access to this system, allowing them to monitor the project’s development and ensure the highest level of fire protection.

Concrete Fire Protection
Concrete Fire Protection

Application of Coatings for Concrete Fire Protection

Once the visual inspection is complete, further investigation is necessary, including core sampling and rebar testing on all substrates.

The next steps involve determining the correct loadings and fire protection requirements for the building. Once these are established, the application of the intumescent coating can proceed.

A comprehensive record of the application process is maintained, including daily temperature checks and film thickness measurements, ensuring that every detail is fully documented.

Intumescent Coating

Tested Coatings

During the application process, images and videos are continuously recorded and reviewed.

Daily records, including temperature checks and film thickness measurements, are meticulously maintained and stored in our construction management system. This system is accessible to our clients, ensuring full transparency and confidence throughout the project.

Upon completion, a comprehensive handover package is provided, containing all documentation related to the application process. This includes visual records, daily logs, and detailed reports. This thorough documentation ensures that every aspect of the project is transparent and verifiable, providing our clients with complete peace of mind.

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