Black Chapel Serpentine Pavilion — London


ATOL is the logical choice for implementing your passive fire protection systems. Protecting the safety and wellbeing of your employees, customers and occupants is our number one priority. We have become the market leading integrator of passive fire protection systems due to our quality workmanship and unrivalled depth of knowledge.


ATOL Construction’s team was instructed to offer its knowledge and application of fire retardant treatment to the recently unveiled Serpentine Pavilion 2022 Black Chapel by Chicagoan Artist Theaster Gates.


As part of Serpentine’s dynamic summer programme, the Pavilion becomes a platform for live performances and public convenings. An operating bronze bell – salvaged from St. Laurence, a landmark Catholic Church that once stood in Chicago’s South Side – is placed directly next to the entrance. Pointing to the erasure of spaces of convening and spiritual communion in urban communities, the historic bell will be used to call, signal and announce performances and activations at the Pavilion throughout the summer.


With a diameter of 16 metres and a height of 10.7 metres, the 201-square-metre cylindrical building is the largest Serpentine Pavilion to date – The tall cylindrical pavilion was constructed largely from blackened timber joists with a plywood skin topped with a spoke wheel timber and steel hybrid roof. It is fully demountable and, similarly to last year’s pavilion, has been purchased by Therme Group. It will be relocated after the summer installation.


We are incredibly privilege to have played a huge part in the finished pavilion protecting over 1500sqm of Timber and providing a unique stained finished, helping protect both the structure & people whilst offering a uniquely, ascetically pleasing temporary within the Serpentine Gallery in west London.


ATOL is a UK leading fire protection organisation that prides itself on the application of our fire protection knowledge at scale, UK wide. Get in touch Today to find out how we can assist you on building or refurbishing structures of tomorrow.



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