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AITHON A90H creates a hard, reflective char with high insulation properties which shows excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate
As an approved onsite applicator for all of the UK’s leading intumescent coatings we can offer intumescent solutions for the fire protection of structural steel.
AITHON PV 33 at ambient temperature is a perfectly transparent varnish, with a warm looking wax finish to exploit the timber natural beauty.
Ideal for areas of high traffic areas, Systexx will reduce maintenance cycles and with it ongoing maintenance costs
We are trusted in the passive fire industry for protecting huge commercial properties, especially in London.
Fire Compartmentation is an important part of the passive fire protection within the overall fire safety system of a building.
Our fire curtain solutions for compartmentation within voids to prevent the spread of fire and smoke for the private and commercials sector.
We offers many services within the fire door sector for new and existing buildings offering a complete service form inspection to application and certification.
Fire stopping solutions to all service penetrations or voids in fire compartment walls to ensure compliance with the specified fire strategy and Part B building regulations.