Fire Curtain

ATOL provides a comprehensive range of fire curtain and barrier works to protect people and buildings in the event of a fire. Moreover, all of our work is backed up by intense audits to ensure the quality and standard of work,Atol holds Full Firas accreditation.

Fire barriers prevent the spread of fire through spaces, slowing down flames to allow evacuation of buildings, leaving escape routes clear, and potentially stopping properties from further damage.

They are used in many applications from in walls, floors, and ceilings in commercial and industrial settings to seal rooms from fire escaping or from being attacked by spreading fire.

There are many types of fire barriers, you should always contact our project team to assure you are getting the correct application and accreditation.


Cavity barrier

Fire curtain

Powered fire curtain

Underfloor fire barrier

Smoke curtain

We offer a full range of fire barrier services to help protect properties through compartmentalization of spaces,

Our ventilated fire barriers are suitable for a wide range of cavity sizes and constructions. Modern constructions often require external cladding, external facades and rainscreen systems to be held away from the building structure to allow ventilation and improve the building energy efficiency.

This resulting cavity creates a serious fire protection threat to structures and people. The void acts like an open chimney and allows the fire to spread quickly both vertically and horizontally around the building. Our range of Intumescent Ventilated Fire Barriers or ‘Open State’ Cavity Fire Barriers are designed to maintain the ventilated cavity in normal conditions but will rapidly expand to seal off the gap in the event of a fire.


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