Concrete hollow core slabs and Fire protection


ATOL Construction offers advanced solutions for the protection and fire safety of concrete hollow core slabs. These pre-stressed concrete elements are popular in modern construction due to their structural benefits, but they require robust protection methods to ensure their integrity and safety, particularly in fire scenarios. ATOL Construction provides comprehensive guidance and innovative techniques to achieve this goal.

Protecting Concrete Hollow Core Slabs

Concrete hollow core slabs, characterized by their longitudinal voids, are efficient and versatile but pose challenges in fire protection. Effective protection methods are essential to prevent rapid heat transfer and structural failure during a fire.

Protection Methods:

  • Surface Treatment:
    • Fire-Resistant Coatings: Applying intumescent or ablative coatings that expand under high temperatures to form an insulating barrier, slowing down heat penetration.
    • Sealants for Joints and Openings: Utilizing high-performance fire-resistant sealants to close gaps, joints, and penetrations, thereby restricting the movement of fire and smoke.

  • Internal Protection:
    • Fire-Resistant Inserts: Integrating fire-resistant materials such as mineral wool or ceramic fiber within the hollow cores to act as internal barriers against heat and flame.
    • Layered Protection: Adding layers of fire-resistant materials like gypsum boards or cementitious sheets on internal surfaces to enhance thermal resistance.

  • Structural Enhancement:

  • Specialized Concrete Mixes: Using concrete mixes that include fire-resistant aggregates or fibers to improve the inherent fire resistance of the slabs.

  • Steel Reinforcement Protection: Coating or encasing steel reinforcements with fire-resistant materials to prevent their exposure to high temperatures.

  • Fire Protection Process
  • The process of protecting concrete hollow core slabs involves meticulous planning and execution, guided by industry standards and best practices.

  • Assessment:
    • Performing a detailed site analysis to identify specific fire protection needs and potential risks.
    • Determining the required fire resistance rating based on building codes and safety standards.

  • Planning:
    • Designing a comprehensive fire protection strategy that integrates with the architectural and structural plans.
    • Selecting appropriate fire-resistant materials and methods tailored to the project’s requirements.

  • Application:
    • Implementing fire-resistant coatings, sealants, and inserts according to the design specifications.
    • Ensuring all joints, voids, and penetrations are effectively sealed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

  • Verification:
    • Conducting thorough inspections to ensure compliance with fire protection standards.
    • Performing fire resistance tests to validate the effectiveness of the protective measures.

  • Using ATOL Construction for Guidance
  • ATOL Construction provides a specialized platform and expert support for navigating the complex process of fire protection for concrete hollow core slabs. The benefits of using ATOL Construction include:

  • Comprehensive Resources:
    • Access to a vast database of fire-resistant materials, techniques, and case studies to inform your decisions.
  • Integrated Design Tools:
    • Software tools that facilitate the seamless integration of fire protection measures into the overall building design, ensuring coherence and effectiveness.

  • Simulation Capabilities:
    • Advanced simulation tools to model fire scenarios and predict the performance of protective measures, allowing for optimization and compliance assurance.

  • Documentation and Compliance:
    • Robust documentation features to maintain records of fire protection strategies, essential for regulatory approvals and future reference.

  • Expert Support:
    • Access to a network of fire protection experts who can provide guidance and best practices throughout the project lifecycle.


Ensuring the fire safety of concrete hollow core slabs is crucial for the overall safety and durability of buildings. By employing ATOL Construction’s advanced methods and tools, you can effectively protect these structural elements, enhancing their fire resistance and ensuring compliance with safety standards. This comprehensive approach not only safeguards lives and property but also contributes to the long-term sustainability and resilience of the construction.


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